There are a few example applications in the examples directory of the Window.js checkout from the Github repository.


A simple Breakout clone, that was ported from an older HTML5 version.

Use the left and right arrows to move and space to start, or use the mouse and click to start.

$ out/windowjs.exe examples/breakout.js

Press F2 to see the FPS and memory usage counters and F5 to reload.

Pressing the digits 1 to 6 skips ahead to the corresponding level.


A simple Sokoban clone.

$ out/windowjs.exe examples/sokoban.js


A simple Tetris clone.

$ out/windowjs.exe examples/tetris.js


Window.js can run p5.js scripts. The p5js.org examples are included in the examples/p5 directory in the checkout:

$ out/windowjs.exe examples/p5.js -- examples/p5/simulate-recursive-tree.js