Window.js can be built on Windows, Mac and Linux.

A build of Window.js requires the following steps, with details below:

  1. Install build tools for the corresponding platform
  2. Checkout the Window.js repository from Github
  3. Setup the build environment
  4. Fetch Window.js dependencies
  5. Build

Note: the Skia and v8 checkouts and builds are very large. Expect at least 14GB of disk usage after a full checkout and build.

1 Install build tools

These tools must be installed and available in the PATH in a terminal.

  • git
  • CMake 3.15 or later


  • Visual Studio 2022 (Choose the Desktop development with C++ workflow in the installer)
  • Windows 10 SDK (10.0.19041.0 – can be installed with Visual Studio 2022)


  • apt-get install cmake clang libfontconfig-dev libjpeg-turbo8-dev libwebp-dev libgl-dev libglx-dev libxrandr-dev xorg-dev


2 Checkout the repository

$ git checkout

3 Setup the build environment


For Windows command prompt terminals, run this script:

$ libraries\setup_build_env.bat

For Windows Powershell terminals, run this script instead:

$ libraries\setup_build_env.ps1

Linux and macOS

$ source libraries/

4 Fetching the dependencies


$ libraries\sync.bat

Linux and macOS

$ ./libraries/

5 Build

See the build instructions.