Manual tasks to keep the project and site going.

Roll dependencies

Roll the main dependencies about once per month:


Verify that all of the build workflows pass after the updates.

Site certificate

Verify if the SSL certificate for the site is due for a renewal.

The certificate is currently valid until 2022-03-01.

The certificate is generated automatically by GitHub Pages using Let’s Encrypt, and should renew automatically. See the GitHub documentation.

Domain renewal

Verify if the domain name registration for is due for a renewal.

The domain is registered with and is currently registered until 2022-11-29. The registration renews automatically 3 weeks before the expiration.

Windows code signing certificate renewal

The certificate to sign Windows binaries was created with Comodo SSLStore and is valid until 2023-01-14.

macOS code signing certificate renewal

TODO: this is still open as issue #31.