Command line

Window.js supports the following command-line arguments.


Outputs the git hash and tag of the Window.js build. This is also available as window.version.


By default, calls to console.log show their output in the console and in the process stdout.

Passing --no-log also prevents console output to stdout.


Log startup times of various startup events to the console.

This is used to profile the performance of internal operations in Window.js.


Disables developer shortcuts, like F5 to reload and F1 to show the console.


The argument -- indicates that any subsequent arguments should be passed to the Javascript application.

Those arguments will be available to Javascript code in Process.args.

This command line:

./windowjs main.js --disable-dev-keys -- hello world

With this Javascript content in main.js:

for (let arg of Process.args) {
  console.log('Argument: ' + arg);

Outputs the two arguments passed to the Javascript process:

Argument: hello
Argument: world